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When you buy your house, you’re facing with responsibility of paying a mortgage. But, if you want to sell your house, you need to pay off the current loan that you have before moving to the new one.

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That may take too much money to do, thus your mortgage business like Mr. Cooper Mortgage gives you a solution, which is by requesting a Mr. Cooper Mortgage payoff.

To know more on how you can get your payoff quote and various options of payments, see below.

Request a Payoff Quote

Payoff quote is basically an amount that you have to pay to be debt-free of the property that you owe. This is how much you should pay in order to satisfy your lender of the terms of your mortgage.

There are many ways to request a payoff quote. For Mr. Cooper Mortgage, you have to contact them first. It can be online by filling out a form that can be found in Mr. Cooper’s website.

If you like to contact them immediately, you can phone them on 888-480-2432 on Mr. Cooper workday. There, you will talk to a customer service that will guide you through the process. There’s also an option of request Mr. Cooper Mortgage payment by mail. Send your request letter to their headquarter.

Make sure that your letter includes your loan number, the address of the property, and your contact information. The quotes will arrive one or two days, depends on your method. Though, the online request will be received instantly.

Pay Your Payoff Quote

The best option to pay off your debt is via wire transfer. It’s fast and easy to do. Besides, wire transfer is a lot more secure than paying your debt by mail.

When you get your quote, you will receive a set of unique number that is generated only for you alongside with other information that you need. Use that number as the digit that you use to pay the quote. You can find the full info of Mr. Cooper Mortgage’s bank account on its website.

The other way to pay your payoff quote is via mail. This will be great if you don’t really trust the wire transfer to pay your debt. To use the mail, you need to go to your bank and get a check which later you need to mail to the HQ.

But, remember to request a cashier’s check. Mr. Cooper Mortgage payoff support only take cashier’s cash as their payment. If you pay them off with any other method, it will automatically be returned to you.

If you want to pay off your debt of Mr. Cooper Mortgage payment, we suggested you use the quickest methods. This means that you fill out the online form to request your quote which instantly going to tell you how much you should pay.

Then, you wire transfer the amount to get it clear quickly. You can then move on with your live selling your property or refinancing it! If you don’t want to be in debt, it’s best if you buy property in the full amount instead of taking loans.


  1. I paid of my mortgage in early March 2020. I have been trying to obtain a mortgage payoff letter for six months. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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